from Berlin

The Vliesbag

34.90 EUR
Special bag that was made out of "malervlies" ( engl. non-woven fleece cover).

Outside you have the interesting material, which the little points and treads, that it make looks so special.

Inside it is lined with black Polyester lining and the fabric has it´s water resistant side there.

You have a big section inside and a small one ( e.g. for your key )

You can´t put really heavy stuff inside,
MAX. 3 Kilos.

Size: Onezise

  • Width: 38cm =  15"
  • Height: 45cm = 18"
  • Depth: 10cm = 4"
  • Handle: 55cm = 21.5"
Material: Malervlies 

Condition: Made in Germany, NEW

... in vintage we trust!